Two British Al-Jazeera journalists face terror trial in Egypt – The Independent (UK)

Two Britons are among a group of 20 journalists working for Al-Jazeera facing criminal trial in Egypt on charges of aiding or joining a terrorist organisation – the latest press crackdown in a country which is facing growing instability. Three of Al-Jazeera’s journalists; Peter Greste, an Australian, Mohamed Fahmy, a Canadian-Egyptian national, and Baher Mohamed, [...]

In Tahrir Square – London Review of Books blog

I was interviewing the ‘Bride of Sisi’, as she called herself, when a crowd gathered around me and another journalist and accused us of working for a ‘terrorist’ news channel. Saadiya al-Sayed al-Sayed, a 48-year-old mother of two from the working-class area of al-Marg, had said she would like General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to be [...]

Egyptians unfazed by attempts to disrupt poll – The National (UAE)

Two hours before polls opened in Cairo, an explosion outside a courthouse near a polling station reverberated through the surrounding streets. No one was injured in the 7am blast but glass was strewn on the street outside the court in the Imbaba district and on the opposite side of the road shop fronts were damaged [...]

Crackdown by security forces ‘alienating many young Egyptians’ – The Independent (UK)

Sitting on a large wooden chair with a green leafy plant by his side, the bearded man looked down to the ground and confessed to his alleged crimes. “My name is Yahia al-Mongi Saad Hussein. My name in the movement is Nasser. I’m a member of Ansar Jerusalem,” he said in a video aired three [...]

Egypt Targets Islamist Women – The Daily Beast

Twenty-one women connected with the Muslim Brotherhood were arrested and given harsh sentences for a peaceful protest. Why they refuse to be silenced. Gehad Mowafi, a soft-spoken 20-year-old university student, is eager to get out in Egypt’s streets and protest again. “I want to raise my voice as loud as possible and chant against oppression,” [...]

Egypt’s Bedouin tribes caught in Sinai crossfire – Financial Times

The village of al-Muqataa bears the evidence of the army’s heavy handed tactics. A shelled-out mosque, concrete houses pockmarked with bullet holes, and burnt animal huts huddle among sand dunes and olive farms a few kilometres from the borders of Gaza and Israel in the north of Egypt’s Sinai peninsula. The army carried out a [...]

Natural gas in abundance but every day brings power cuts – Financial Times

During the summer in Cairo, as air conditioners were switched on and demand for electricity peaked, daily power cuts left whole districts without supply for hours. The blackouts have become a regular feature for many Egyptians, a consequence of overburdened power stations and natural gas shortages. Read more here:  

Egypt business profile: Lecico – Financial Times

Despite more than two years of political and economic turmoil in its main markets in Egypt and Libya, Lecico, a listed tile and sanitary ware producer, has reported a double-digit increase in sales. The Alexandria-based company enjoyed an 18 per cent year-on-year rise in revenues for the first nine months of 2013 to reach E£1.1bn ($160m). Read [...]

Les combats entre l’armée et les insurgés islamistes se poursuivent dans le nord-est du Sinai – Radio France Internationale

Hear my comments on Sinai to French journalist Perrine Mouterde here:

Farewell to Ahmed Fouad Negm, Egypt’s ‘poet of the people’ – The National

Known as the “poet of the people”, Negm’s use of colloquial Egyptian Arabic endeared him to his countrymen, who saw in his verse an unvarnished reflection of how they felt about milestones in their nation’s history such as the defeat at the hands of Israel in 1967, the 1979 peace treaty with Israel and the [...]

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